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Drink WATER according to BLOOD GROUP & LOSE Weight

Green tea according to Blood Group:- https://youtu.be/AEqgmtyJ0ik

Green Juice 1 month 10 kg lose:- https://youtu.be/lg2Hbqsux7M

Cumin tea:- https://youtu.be/1tq2mgRwpAM

Fennel tea :- https://youtu.be/iijN_CAps0w

Garbage JUice :- https://youtu.be/aKdbKGO8W6s

Detox Water :- https://youtu.be/j6KLp9FgV-M

3 Days Datex Shake :- https://youtu.be/nZBp1VPm4qk


A(+) (-)= 1liter water, 5 cup 150ml green tea, 500ml any green veg juice, 400-500ml soup. In total 2750 ml liquid u having in a one day.

B (+) (-) = 2 litres water 2 cups 150 ml green tea, 500ml green juice, 400-500soup in total 3litres liquid u r having.

AB (+) (-) = 1-2litres of water 3 cups 150 ml green tea ,500ml green juice,400-500 ml soup in total 2.5-3.5 liquid u r having.

O (+) (-) = 1.5 litres, 2 cups 150ml green tea,500 green juice,400-500 soup in total 2700 ml liquid u r having.

Fruit & veggies approx (raw)= 1 kg addition 400-500 ml liquid.

Note:- more then 4litres liquid in any person,may causes of kindey problem.

This is just an idea about ur liquid intake .but in my opinion please don't take too much liquid body already have liquid u need only to balance n detox.

5litres water is border line.

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