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At best – many of these approaches may temporarily result in the skin feel slightly softer and smoother – playing with terms of reducing the horrendous ripples, bumps and dimples, to provide you with the freedom to put on attractive swimsuits, clothe themselves with cute outfits and revel in intimate times during the being naked without having to be self conscious

The harsh the truth is NONE these money wasting methods complete the job None of them offer you permanent cellulite removal

Because it’s physiologically IMPOSSIBLE

See – there aren't any toxins to eliminate This is often a complete farce The fat within your skin is perhaps same as fat deposits on the all your body The BS advertising pitch claiming you've toxins that develop in your whole body from the foods you take in and the air you breath – that will get trapped in body fat in your mid-body – inducing the bumpy skin – is often a total number of trash

Medically Tested Proof – No Such Thing as Cellulite

Several in the past, Neil Solomon, MD, conducted a double-blind study of 100 individuals to see whether cellulite differed from ordinary fat Specimens of standard fat and lumpy fat were obtained with a needle biopsy procedure and directed at pathologists for analysis and comparison

No differences involving the two types of fat samples were found

More recently, researchers at Rockefeller Institute used ultrasonography, microscopic examinations, and fat-metabolism studies to determine if cellulite affected and unaffected skin areas differed in seven healthy adult subjects – five women, two men four of which cellulite affected, three unaffected

Not surprisingly – they concluded: a particular characteristics of skin make women more prone than men to cultivate the appearance of cellulite and b there have been no differences in the style or function of the dimply skin or the regional circulation between cellulite affected and unaffected body areas within these individuals

Which calls forth the burning question

Why Are Women Allowed to Be Cheated, Deceived and Ripped Off?

The answer will shock you

The truth is

The FDA along with regulatory agencies have minimal authority within the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry – the reason why being that a lot of products or services usually are meant to simply enhance superficial elements of the female body – mainly hair, nails plus the skin about the face and troublesome areas of the body – all externally superficial

And since most of the types of treatments are in the outside – the FDA can just watch at a distance, and basically only join up if enough complaints are issued by dissatisfied, or injured, women against a unique anti-cellulite product or company

The Federal Trade Commission FTC, however, does do it’s wise to regulate and control deceptive advertising practices and underhanded sales tactics The FTC would be the branch in the government which has authority within the advertising and marketing tactics made use of by companies on it’s targeted market in this instance – women with cellulite

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